Justice: I’ll be your woman

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I remember the first time I heard Jus†ice’s  D.A.N.C.E. on my friend’s iPod mini on the playing fields at school. My friend had taken it from an Annie Mac BBC Radio 1 show via Limewire, I’ll never forget her husky voice introducing my new heroes. Somehow, I felt like I had heard the track before, like it was already part of my musical make up. My stimulated mind bursting with that feeling of “oh it’s this song, I’ve been looking for this for ages” “I thought I’d never hear it again” “I must search far and wide for anything they have touched with their gifted fingers.”

As the new millennium bloomed, the internet blossomed into the world’s greatest think tank and seemingly boundlessness source of videos, music and images (even if they did take 3+ hours to load), the rise in music video channels and independent radio stations ran alongside it and a beautiful technological baby boom was created. It was here when we could see the rapid turn around of music trends and genres peaking and almost instantly, troughing into the bottom end of the charts. The idea of becoming mainstream was lame and it was only cool to like the bands that no one else knew and everybody hated.

All the while, my boys, Gaspard and Xavier (Jus†ice) were continuing to celebrate their similar sound, each track a foot-stomping, disco-dancing extension of their fabulous selves. If you play each album back to back, it’s pretty seamless, no trend following, no dipping in production quality. One could assume every song could be from the same album or coming out all in the same year. The point I’m trying to make is, that every album that Jus†ice makes, including the most recent: Woman, is timeless. They do not compromise for anybody, Jus†ice will sound like Jus†ice forever and that’s why when they released Woman (2016) and a subsequent tour, record sales reached top 5 (Billboard) and tickets sold out in minutes, across the world.


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Keep doing what you do guys, see you in London at the end of September.






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